Mitis Iudex: While Canonists Hesitate, Rome Speaks

On Monday of this week, the Canon Law Society of America began its annual conference. While seminars have dealt with a range of issues, Mitis Iudex and its proper implementation have, unsurprisingly, been the major focus. On Tuesday, Francis Morissey, a well known but controversial canonist, addressed the general assembly. Morissey was not a member of … More Mitis Iudex: While Canonists Hesitate, Rome Speaks

A Modest Proposal

The promulgation of the motu proprio Mitis Iudex kicked up a canonical dust storm about its intentions, interpretation and likely consequences. In a previous post, I sought to outline what I thought were the objective pro’s and con’s of the legal reforms which Francis has introduced. On balance, and with nearly a week’s mass reflection … More A Modest Proposal