You Don’t Need To Be a Heretic To Be Wrong

Heresy has been a popular term in the last two weeks. Various people have been pronouncing, and taking umbrage at, accusations of heresy, stated or implied, mistaken or spot on. Some, it seems, believe that using the word heresy steps outside the bounds of fair comment and is, and therefore justifies, an ad hominem attack, … More You Don’t Need To Be a Heretic To Be Wrong

What’s So Bad About the Excommunicated?

For the past two days, Catholic news sites and blogs have been giving wall-to-wall attention to the Pope’s statement that the divorced and remarried are not excommunicated. It’s very common for Catholics to have a hazy idea of what excommunication is; generally people understand it as “what happens to bad people”, a sort of sending … More What’s So Bad About the Excommunicated?

Allegation and Punishment

In a triumph of curiosity over experience, I occasionally have a look at the soi disant┬áNational Catholic Reporter blog. The article I read this morning┬áprofiled a petition delivered to the Congregation for Bishops through the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington. The petition, filed by a group called “the Catholic Whistleblowers”, asks for an investigation into abuse … More Allegation and Punishment